Ancap is self-defeating (Flowchart - HarbaronSnaps v DreamToAnCap)


You deem morality to be legality in this flow chart. I’ve addressed how you can fix these issues with bounty hunters to bring people who simply do not comply. You can simply compensate someone if you brought them to a court room unjustly. The definition you use for taxation is incorrect. The definition of taxation is as follows : “A tax is a compulsory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer by a governmental organization in order to fund government spending and various public expenditures.”

What is tax?

Simply saying ‘no form of government exists and therefore tax cannot exist’ is just dodging the issue using semantics. I still call it a tax in this instance, because the function it serves is identical to any standard payment format we would call a tax (extending to the right from center of diagram):

  • Courts would be considered infrastructure (just like any other public product ie schools/utilities)
  • You participate in supplying funds to the courts through mandatory payments
  • You gain the benefits of the public product, ie you can attempt to bring someone to court
  • Refusal to pay results in punishment just like any other taxation program

It is a tax.

Bounty Hunters and “private” courts

You addressed some aspects where bounty hunters and private courts could participate, but it always appeals to the ‘higher court’. This argument was addressed mainly with the example of the escalation or appeal process (extending up-left from center of diagram):

  • If you have a court which lacks an escalation/appeal process, it can take unfair actions
  • If you have a bounty hunter which operates through an unfair court, they too can take unfair actions
  • Fairness in this system is entirely subjective, so there is no inherent way to agree (non-democratically; only by accidental cooperation or accidental opposition).

If you wish to appeal to a ‘higher court’, all you have done is fulfilled the role of a government and a federal law system, again separating your concept from the standard existing government structure only by name and semantics, not by concept. They do not function differently.

It is a federal government.