Cheeriosmate78's appeal

hello, I got banned but do not know the reason. I was not isolated. I made a joke about doxing drogobo(an irl friend) and he knew I would not do it. his discord is Drogobo#6931 if you would like to question him

You were banned for leaving whilst in isolation, in accordance with our guidelines on punishment.

Users that leave the server whilst in isolation get banned.

You were isolated for not following the then §2, now §2.6 for the third time in a row. The punishments compound in severity, placing you in isolation after three breaches.

Case Type Reason Infraction Date Previous infractions expired?
1762 Warn §2.6 violation 0 21.03.22
1767 Mute §2.6 violation 1 21.03.22
1769 Isolation §2.6 violation 2 21.03.22 No
1810 Ban Isolation leave 29.03.22 No

Above you can find the moderation cases you had in Open Debates so that you may confirm via Dyno that these events were the ones that took place on your end as well. Please note that you were given knowledge of these punishments and their reasons from Dyno. We know you received these messages from Dyno in your DMs, as it tells us if you have DMs from it turned off.

Your last message from Dyno on behalf of Open Debates read:

You may appeal your ban by creating a thread within the appeals category here . Reason: Leaving whilst isolated is against the rules.

We only undo bans if the punishment was unjustified. Your case has been reviewed and no misconduct was found. Your ban will not be undone.

The Open Debates Board of Directors