Darth_Revan's Appeal

Can you unban me? I’d like to discuss politics with a debate format. I do have issues with remembering not to use certain words banned in the server that are not banned elsewhere.

I also have taken jokes too far. I’ve spent the last week and a half trying to break those habits and as such am confident enough now in my abilities to be able to think before I speak and before I hit send.

No, the staff team has decided that the reasons for your ban still stand.

You still have access to this forum for instance, you are banned from the Discord for breaching its rules. Do make sure to read this sites ToS and FAQ before engaging.

Even if we recognised your change of heart and behaviour, it would be bad policy for us to unban someone because they merely asked. The threshold you breached has to mean something, and in this case it is exclusion from the Discord.

The Open Debates Board of Directors