HalalMeat's Appeal

I think that I should be unbanned because this is my first mistake. I might have lost control but I won’t actually harm this guy. You should also take in consideration that he insulted my mom sexually witch pushed my buttons and I got mad. That why I wrote what I wrote. I think I deserve a second chance and an apology from the mod who disrespected my mom. It won’t happen again and I will review the rules since I though you couldn’t deliver death threats. Also will you guys add a rule about insults? Especially if it’s sexuel because I don’t think it should be allowed. Anyways I will behave from now on and I wish you guys don’t have a bad image of me.
Thank you for considering my letter.
Hopefully you see me as a new man.

We only undo punishments if the punishments were unjustified. No amount of changes of heart or reformation will undo that.

If you felt insulted, the appropriate action would have been to contact the staff team about it through our Support bot as our rules state. We would have helped you manage the situation via helping your enforce boundaries for yourself. You did however decide to harass another person with a credible threat of harm instead, from which we took the only possible action.

Our rules unequivocally state our stance on this:

§1.5 Do not threaten to harm users.
Harm to a user includes their discord and real life person. It means that any damage to their user or their personal property falls under what you are not allowed to threaten. The law does not read the context about this law, and if reported, we will treat any threat made, be it a joke or not, as if it is a real threat with the intent to harm. Our users’ security is more important than jokes about harming others.

Your message in the server to one of our users was:

Keep acting strong on discord. If I meet you in person I am gonna beat you up for talking about my mom like that. You’re just using a screen because that’s the only way for you to act that way. If it was face to face you would shut the fuck up. Send you’re address if you’re a real man.

Your message was a credible threat of harm.

As our official document on punishment states:

§1.5 Do not threaten to harm users.
Reaction: Ban.

Your ban will not be undone.

The Open Debates Board of Directors