Infractions, Redactions and Appropriate Reactions


In Open Debates we use an infraction system. Each infraction corresponds to punishment received. The amount of infractions a user has dictates their next punishment. Upon reaching 5 infractions the user will be put up for banning. Each infraction corresponds to the following mute time:

1 infraction  = 10 minutes
2 infractions = 20 minutes
3 infractions = 30 minutes
4 infractions = 40 minutes
5 infractions = 50 minutes

Infractions expire after 2 weeks per infraction. For each new infraction gained, the timer resets and starts counting from the beginning again. Infractions are counted together, not singularly. All infractions follow the highest denominator, counting for as long as the longest infraction.

1 infraction  = 2 weeks
2 infractions = 4 weeks
3 infractions = 6 weeks
4 infractions = 8 weeks
5 infractions = 10 weeks

Users gain infractions either by being warned three times, muted, isolated or supermuted.

3 Warns       = 1 Mute
1 Mute        = 1 Infraction
1 Isolation   = 1 Infraction
1 Supermute   = 1 Infraction
5 Infractions = 1 Ban

Users that leave the server whilst in isolation get banned. Users in isolation that can not be released get banned.


In addition to manually removing content which breaches our rules we also remove content automatically based on the presence of certain words. The reason for this is that sentences can be formulated without the use of certain words and still get the point across. We recognise that these filters in certain situation stifle adequate use of such words, but the benefit it brings is larger than the cost of needing to use different versions of the word decline in the place of

one of the banned words with potentially legitimate use.


The rest of the banned words are locked behind this dropdown, click at your own peril.

nigger, nigga, nignog, kike, fag, faggot, retard, autist, jap, chink, chingchong, (((echo))), tranny, coon, golliwog/wog, gypsy, redskin, slanteye, spic

It is also such that these words are not allowed in voice chats, and that we enforce the use of them as if there is a party offended present under §1.4 of our rules. Autodeleted words do not count for this unless they are targeted.

Proportionate reactions

The enforcement of our rules and their interpretations are done by deleting the content breaching the rules, and enacting appropriate reaction unto the contents poster. Below you can find the varying degrees of reaction each rule being broken warrants.

§1 Follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

§1.1 Do not post gore, porn animal cruelty or NSFW
Reaction: Mute
Reoffense: Isolation until the user clearly shows that they understand the rule

§1.2 Do not sexualize minors.
Verbal attribution: Mute / Ban
Visual sexualisation: Ban

§1.3 Do not gather or spread user data without explicit consent.
Recordings: Isolation until the user shows they have deleted the recording.
Streaming: Isolation until the user shows they have deleted the recording.
Sharing personal information: Mute / Isolation / Ban depending on the severity.
Doxing: Ban

§1.4 Do not harass users.
First offense: Isolation until the user shows a clear understanding of the boundary they are breaching.
Second offense: Ban

§1.5 Do not threaten to harm users.
Reaction: Ban.

§1.6 Do not advertise or spam.
Unsolicited DM invites: Ban.
Randomly promoting ones service with no contextualisation: Isolation
Non-contextualized links: Warn
Spam/chat-flooding: Mute
Text brigading: Mute

§2 Follow the restrictions found in the descriptions of each channel.
First offense: Warning
Second offense for similar infringement: Mute
Third offense of similar infringement: Isolation until they show a clear understanding of what not to do.

§2.1 You may declare that another user is not allowed to follow you into another empty voice chat and speak.
If they speak: Mute
If they reoffend: Isolation until the user shows a clear understanding of their offense.

§2.2 Memes belong in #meme-dump only. Nowhere else.
Reaction: Warn

§2.3 Do not locally mute users in debate rooms and other community channels.
Reaction: Mute

§2.4 Don’t disrupt conversation by hot-miccing.
Reaction: Mute (only time mute does not mean infraction) until they have fixed their issue

§2.5 All !lfd pings require the pinged topic to be set in a debate room for at least 30 minutes or until debated
Reaction: Mute

§2.6 Only speak english
Reaction: Warn

§3 Staff communication happen through our Support bot.
Reaction: Issue a warning and ignore the users request in the server.

§3.1 Do not contact members of staff directly about support issues.
Reaction: Issue a warning and ignore and block the individual.

§3.2 Communication through Support is still subject to all other rules.
Reaction: Same as the other rules.