Lil_darkie's Appeal

Hello, I would like to appeal my ban on the grounds that I will stop posting memes with words banned both on the server and by ToS. Most of my warnings came from that so if I stop posting memes with slurs we should be good. If you ask some people like wally, scarecrow, pasha, and others you will mostly see them say that I tried to engage in proper debate and wasn’t engaging in too much bad faith debating. I don’t agree with half the memes I send and I just try to troll but I will stop. Although, I did get other warnings from other stuff such as using #serious incorrectly. I’m sorry for that and it won’t happen again. I mean most people would agree serious is a bit confusing and I was just trying to use it to clear out #general a bit. I just didn’t read the rules right. Finally, I still stand by my claim that the video in VC did nothing wrong because there was almost no visual and there was no sound. I didn’t even know that recording in VC wasn’t allowed. I won’t do it again but I still find that warning was unfair. I hope my appeal didn’t come off as too salty but I promise to do better…

I would like to put more emphasis on the fact that others probably view me as a decent contributor to debate because I know saying “I changed” wont take back the ban. I do think that most people would like me to be unbanned after all most of the warnings came from jokes. I can act pissy towards mods but its just a bit of playful banter but I’ve always been a good member in debate. So do please take other peoples views into account if it is allowed. I do view this server as a champion of democracy so do think that over.

Like everyone else you have ample time and opportunity to change your behaviour whilst in the server. The infraction system we use gives fair and adequate time to adjust to the rules of the server, and as such we are justified in taking the stance of never unbanning those who cross our lines too many times.
We only undo punishments if the punishments were unjustified.

In accordance with our official document on punishment, users that accumulate 5 infractions get banned. You accumulated 5 infractions in a short enough timeframe that they reached 5. Here are your terminating cases:

Case Type Reason Infraction Date Previous infractions expired?
1319 Mute Filter circumvention 1 03.01.22
1339 Mute Posting gore 2 07.01.22 No
1362 Mute Filter circumvention 3 12.01.22 No
1365 Mute Filter circumvention 4 14.01.22 No
1374 Isolation Recording a member 5 18.01.22 No
1376 Ban Maximum infractions 18.01.22

Please note that upon review the Board of Directors found that you should have been banned earlier due to your accumulation of warnings, even after we subtracted the warnings you had repealed for incorrect usage of the serious channel. Here is a sample set:

Case Type Reason Warning Date
1321 Warn Meme in general 1 03.01.22
1337 Warn Filter circumvention 2 07.01.22
1343 Warn Advocating the death of others 3 07.01.22

Together these three warnings amount to an infraction within the timeframes the other infractions would not have expired in. In other words you would have accumulated five infractions regardless of the isolation ruling.

It is also such that even though the recording rule says to isolate those who record until they have shown the recording to be deleted, it always leads to an infraction. It being your last infraction led to your ban regardless. We have reviewed the evidence and found that it falls under §1.3 and that the ruling is proper.

Your ban will not be undone.

The Open Debates Board of Directors