Meme Council Decisions

The Meme Council

The Meme Councils mission is to handle users appeals of their moderation cases for §2.2. The Council can only interpret whether the warn was justified or not. Decisions made by the council should not be seen as guidelines for whether the given interpretation makes the content posted a meme, only if the council deems it a meme in the context it was posted.

This case by case basis is important, as well as the understanding that the policies of the council do not determine what moderators may warn for or not. It’s the job of us, the Meme Council to ensure that the warnings you received were not unreasonable in our eyes.
The list of policies below does not serve to be the only specifics that could make for what we will consider a meme, as context is also heavily dependent. Even if the content you got warned for includes parts from the list, it is not predetermined that we will consider your post a meme.

We post all appeals that pass in our council as comments to this thread with explanations for why our verdict was what it was.

Council Policies

The Meme Council has made this list of policies for our own interpretations of what we consider to be a meme:

The presence of ifunny watermarks or image footers.


The presence of 9gag watermarks or logos.


9gag jack sparrow

The presence of mematic watermarks or logos.



The presence of a box (often white) containing text (or not) that comes in addition to other content.


white box mematic gif

The presence of both top and bottom text.


The presence of selfreferentiality in the content.

boxception format

mematic selfreferential 2

The presence of content reacting to other content (selfreferential +).

selfreferential meme, reaction to content in one image is a meme


Q: When can i expect my case to be handled?
A: Within a week from making your appeal.

Q: What happens if i am about to be banned?
A: Your ban process will be delayed until the council has decided your fate.

Q: Can i make appeals on behalf of other users?
A: No

Q: Can i ask you to interpret an image without having been warned for it?
A: No.

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