Open Debates Partnership Requirements

Partnership Requirements

Performing partnerships is a way for us to exchange server links to the benefit of both servers’ members. Having requirements for who we partner with is a way for us to have some degree of control over which kind of members we will be attaining from the exchange, and what kind of servers we endorse.

If you’re a user or a potential partner server representative, feel free to send a message to support with your suggestion and we’ll consider it and take it from there.

Server rules must contain:

  • The Discord Terms of Service and community guidelines with clickable links to these.
  • Clear directions for how to seek out help from staff.
  • A clause that forbids DM advertisement.
    • Permanently banning those DM advertising another Discord server.
    • Minimally using the sanction of muting people who otherwise spread unsolicited advertisements.

We reject servers that:

  • Do not link to the Discord Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines in their rules.
  • Take no action against DM-advertisers sharing their server, regardless of who the ad favours.
  • Remove members for their affiliations with another server.
  • Have underage mods managing or having access to NSFW content.
  • Allow deletion of staff messages in staff channels.
  • Allow staff the ability for anyone to delete any public logs. Exemptions are granted if the content in the logs is sensitive to a users’ real identity.
  • Do not act against hateful speech and rhetoric.
  • Have fewer than 250 members (non-bots).