Palmtree's Appeal

Hi, I’m not an active debator, however I do like listening to the debates in the background while I work and I’ve heard some good discussions in the last few days which is why I’m bothering to appeal.

To be clear on what happened, my browser stopped responding (I’m guessing from having too many tabs open) and a few frustrated clicks later, I find out that I accidentally sent a server invite to Arthur and that I got banned.

I’ve been on discord for long enough to know DA is an instant ban. It makes no sense to deliberately DA when I like being in the server, much less to a mod. It was really outside of my control. Can you please reconsider the ban? Thanks!

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Granted the evidence we have at hand, nobody else reporting acts of DM advertising and the plausible explanation and correspondence to the chain of events, we grant you a second chance. We feel it is important to stress that next time the ban will remain permanent.

The Open Debates Board of Directors

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