Rule Interpretations

Rule interpretations

The purpose of this document is to provide clarification for users on how we enforce our rules. This document will be updated over time if there are any changes.

§1 Follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
As a user of Discord you are bound to follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of Discord at all times. Even if they are to change. Should discord update their rules, causing a contradiction with our own rules, we will default to enforcing Discords rules.

§1.1 Do not post gore, porn, animal cruelty or NSFW
Gore is defined as the mutilation of body parts. To be super explicit, the definition we interpret for mutilation is "to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts’’. This includes but is not exclusive to; injuries, disfigurement, dismemberment or otherwise applied to dead bodies as if they were living.

Animal cruelty is defined as needless action that would normally not be seen as conducive to the animals well being and health. Cases where animal cruelty enters into gore territory it will be filed as both. Documentation of animal cruelty for the sake of an argument or a discussion must be spoilered and put under a warning label speaking of what the content is. This is because we then have an effective opt in for those who may not want to see such things. Staff team members are arbiters of what is deemed conducive behavior in terms of handling animals in this case.

For NSFW content we ban imagery of any female nipples, vaginas, penises, ballsacks, and anuses. We ban any clear signs of sexual arousal regarding the formerly mentioned body parts, meaning that erections and wet areas are not allowed. We do not consider something covered if it is partly see through, you can make out defining features such as a camel toe, clitoris, corona, penile or nipple erection.
We ban any actions which resemble sexual acts between people. This includes but is not limited to intercourse and deriving sexual pleasure directly visible through the medium. NSFW content covers porn.

Depictions of poop are considered NSFW. Bringing up poop outside of the context of an established conversation is considered NSFW. Bringing up a sexual organ outside the context of an established debate, and specifically relating to a particular persons relation to this organ is considered NSFW.

§1.2 Do not sexualize minors.
Portraying children in sexualized contexts or sexualising children is strictly forbidden. This rule relies heavily on interpretations and context. The staff team deploys a better safe than sorry policy on the matter.

§1.3 Do not gather or spread user data without explicit consent.
This applies to recordings and otherwise other information about users. This also applies to the redistribution of information about the user’s person. The TOS already states that you are not allowed to dox someone. We will be much stricter on the redistribution of information about someone than what is considered a dox.

§1.4 Do not harass users.
Harassment is when unwanted attention is given to a person when they have stated they do not want to receive this kind of attention. For us to enforce this rule the user has to DM Support with the declaration they made unto the harasser included. For voice chats, a member of staff has to witness the verbal declaration.
It should be noted that just because someone does not wish to be called something, does not mean they cannot call others that.

§1.5 Do not threaten to harm users.
Harm to a user includes their discord and real life person. It means that any damage to their user or their personal property falls under what you are not allowed to threaten. The law does not read the context about this law, and if reported, we will treat any threat made, be it a joke or not, as if it is a real threat with the intent to harm. Our users’ security is more important than jokes about harming others.

§1.6 Do not advertise or spam.
Advertising is defined as the promotion of material or content that is associated with oneself. Links to publicly available content is fine as long as the content is posted or mentioned in the context of a conversation. All Discord invites are considered advertisements and are disallowed by default.
In addition, spam is considered anything that involves trying to send repeated messages or garbled text and links with the intent of disrupting conversations. Staff can interpret intent.
There are already automatic spam filters in place, so the rule about spam is rarely enforced.
Spam includes the mass creation of threads with no particular approved of niche.

§2 Follow the restrictions found in the descriptions of each channel.
If a channel has a description, then it will list the purpose of that channel. The goal of moderators is to steer conversations to meet those criteria.

§2.1 You may declare that another user is not allowed to follow you into another empty voice chat and speak.
They may join and listen, but speaking when such a declaration has been made about their presence will be seen as against the rules. If someone declares in a voice channel to another member they do not wish to be followed into an empty voice channel, and someone does so and starts speaking then it will be considered harassment and punished accordingly.

§2.2 Memes belong in #meme-dump only. Nowhere else.
A meme is defined as a moment being immortalized through some medium, often taken out of a larger context to demonstrate a point which is deemed funny to the observer. If content is seen to appeal to the humor of the general populace without having a drastic relevance to what is being spoken about specifically, it can be counted as a meme.
The staff team has a meme arbitration committee which makes rulings and interpretations on what memes are. Users can appeal their post to the committee if they disagree with the ruling. The committee’s rulings are final. Committee decisions require the whole committees agreement on the ruling.

§2.3 Do not locally mute users in debate rooms and other community channels. You can still turn them all the way down as long as you do not interrupt conversations
Interrupting others and overtalking them is only legitimate if you can hear what they say back. If you do not respond to a person we suspect has had their volume lowered appropriately when asked about whether you hear them or not we will assume you have muted them and punish accordingly.

§2.4 Don’t disrupt conversations by hot-miccing.
Hot-miccing stifles the exchange of ideas by disrupting the flow of content. This rule exists to allow mods to take action against members that do not make efforts to better the problem via e.g. turning on push to talk or muting themselves in between speaking. This rule does not target poor mic quality, but poor microphone etiquette.

§2.5 All !lfd pings require the pinged topic to be set in a debate room for at least 30 minutes or until debated.
It will only be considered to be debated if there is made a debate where multiple people become debaters on opposite sides of the topic. This requirement is void if 30 minutes since the ping has passed. The person pinging has to clock into the debate system and set their topic as a room topic. We check if this has happened one hour after the ping. The debate does not require to speak in the voice chat, as it can be a text debate as well.

§2.6 Only speak English
As we cannot moderate content which we can not understand, we find it irresponsible to allow it on the off chance that rules would be breached without us knowing. We therefore only moderate the English language. Anything else will warrant punishment.

§3 Staff communication happen through our Support bot.
The Support bot has features which allow you to exclude some people if you have concerns and or complaints about a staff member, although we do handle such things openly within our team, as we are always looking to improve. Members do not have to fear they will be judged unfairly because of who they are or any past events unrelated to the case you make.

§3.1 Do not contact members of staff directly about support issues.
Even our staff are humans, and keeping the sanctity of the reasons they are on Discord is important to us. The support bot alleviates that.

§3.2 Communication through Support is still subject to all other rules.
Just because you are not technically talking on the server does not mean you are exempt from rules. Breaking rules when contacting the support bot can lead to punishments, and ultimately being banned from communicating through support if the case is severe enough.