The_Punisher's Appeal

hello I’m trying to appeal my permaban, I was banned yesterday for leaving the server while being in isolation for self promoting a server

We only undo punishments if the punishments were unjustified.

You were isolated on accusations of unsolicited DM advertisement. To send invites to users that did not ask for them is a breach of our rules. You were upon investigation confirmed to have sent invites to members without asking them if they’d like one, or them being on your friends list.

§1.6 Do not advertise or spam.
Advertising is defined as the promotion of material or content that is associated with oneself. Links to publicly available content is fine as long as the content is posted or mentioned in the context of a conversation. All Discord invites are considered advertisements and are disallowed by default.
In addition, spam is considered anything that involves trying to send repeated messages or garbled text and links with the intent of disrupting conversations. Staff can interpret intent.
There are already automatic spam filters in place, so the rule about spam is rarely enforced.
Spam includes the mass creation of threads with no particular approved of niche.

Our reaction to unsolicited DM advertisement is to ban the individual doing them, as our official document on punishment states.

§1.6 Do not advertise or spam.
Unsolicited DM invites: Ban.
Randomly promoting ones service with no contextualisation: Isolation
Non-contextualized links: Warn
Spam/chat-flooding: Mute
Text brigading: Mute

Furthermore you also warranted being banned for leaving the server whilst in isolation.

Users that leave the server whilst in isolation get banned. Users in isolation that can not be released get banned.

As there has not been moderator misconduct in these rulings to isolate you we find no reason to lift the ban.

The Open Debates Board of Directors